They* said Frostbite modding couldn't be done.

So, we went and did it.

* Frostbite developers
lead developer

GalaxyMan2015 is an avid programmer, who has been programming in various languages over the past 15 years. He also has a passion for games, although sometimes he seems to enjoy breaking apart games more than he does playing them. It is his dream that the Frosty Tool Suite will allow users to be able to build entirely new worlds in the games they love.

He singlehandedly created the first version of Frosty.

benji is an avid computer science student with a passion for computer graphics. He joined the Frosty team after 1.0.1 was released, and mainly does UI, Direct3D, quality-of-life, and infrastructure stuff, though he hopes to be a skilled reverser like GalaxyMan2015 when he grows up.

He also built this website.

Originally inspired by a love for speedrunning, derwangler was drawn to reversing games to do everything he could to save those precious seconds. Now, after many late nights, his hobby has shifted from speedrunning to modding, with a goal to push Frostbite to its limits. Still won't make that auto-splitter though.