Frosty Hotfix Released!
By benji on May 13 2018

Just a few small fixes to outstanding issues, and only applicable to the Editor.

Frosty includes a fix for BC5 DDS exporting and much better language handling. To configure which game language Frosty Editor loads, set the Language key in the [Init] section of FrostyEditor.ini.

Here is an example that one would add to FrostyEditor.ini for loading the English language game data:


v1.0.4.1 Changelog:

  • Can now load other language databases via config using category Init and key Language (some examples include English,Russian,SimplifiedChinese,TraditionalChinese,etc.)
  • If language database for specified language does not exist, editor will not crash
  • Fixed issue with BC5 textures being improperly exported

Guess what? You can download Frosty Editor at the Downloads Page!