Frosty Hotfix Released!
By Cade on September 2 2018

Profiles and Mod Manager Quality of Life

Added profiles for PvZ Garden Warfare 2, NFL 19 and Battlefield 1. The Mod Manager will now warn you if mods are outdated and display a screen to view mod conflictions.

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v1.0.4.3 Changelog:

  • Added Madden NFL 19 profile
  • Added PvZ Garden Warfare 2 profile
  • Added Battlefield 1 profile
  • Added a screen to show mod conflicts in the mod manager
  • Fixed numerous frosty window issues and enabled DPI support
  • Out of date mods will now show a warning on import and are flagged via a warn symbol
  • Fixed crash with NFS16 and DAI when initially loading the data
  • Potentially fixed corrupted textures in DAI when using daimods
  • Fixed an issue where legacy file changes in Fifa/Madden were not being applied correctly on project load
  • Fixed some 7z mod import issues


  • Unzip to a fresh directory, DO NOT unzip over an existing installation, doing so will result in the Editor/Mod Manager not working
  • This version requires .NET Framework 4.7 at a minimum

Breaking News: Frosty Editor is available now at the Downloads Page!